And off she goes again.

10 June 2016
Femke Lobach

Gijs left again. Saying goodbye is not my cup of tea, as you might know. Not that I am complaining, far from that. I am a lucky b***terd, having travelled together for a year.

Anyway he left to start chartering again, it means another change of life and another adventure. Sailing first from Australia, Papua New Guinea, Moluccas, Indonesia and Malaysia to Singapore and Thailand. We will start chartering again in Myanmar, Andaman Islands, and around Langkawi.

But first things first, getting Kings Legend in the water and sailing again. This time he brought with him, a new addition to the yacht. It looks like an UFO…but can you guess what it is? And what it is used for? 20160405 Black Disc Furler 1Well if it works, he still has to test it.

Anyway I will pick up my ‘pencil’ again and start writing our blog, starting in July when I join Gijs. And hopefully before that, if he keeps me up to date on his progress.

The first leg is from Coomera (Gold Coast) to Cairns along the Great Barrier Reef and it all starts June twenty.